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6 Yummy Appetizers For The Win!

6 Yummy Appetizers For The Win!

Every BBQ or backyard cookout needs a few appetizers to serve before serving the main course or options off the grill. Some of our family favorites has

Here are a few ideas and some of my personal to serve: 


Chips and dips is in my opinion a classic nosh worthy food at cookouts, I mean who doesn’t like enjoy chips and salsa till the main “course” is ready . Since chips and salsa is such a simple appetizer, you can practically make the salsa from scratch, but if you do not have that kinda time, purchase your favorites dips at your local market. 

You could even make (or buy) roasted corn salsa, salsa verde or a cucumber mango salsa! These salsas are packed with flavor and also vibrant in color! 

You can make anything from a pineapple jalapeño dip or a corn dip with tomatoes, lime and cilantro (salsa hack: cilantro is such a great ingredient to any salsa recipe!).This dips also make a great hot dog or burger topping too.

If you want to take it up a notch, serving up black bean dip, spinach and yogurt, hummus (garlic and roasted hummus are a classic party staple). Just remember to keep those dips that require refrigeration, cold. 

Oh, and since the grill may be on already, you can create a yummy cheesy dip and cook it on the grill (in a cast iron, of course). 


Grilled Corn: If grilled corn doesn’t scream summer, I don’t know what does! You can brush with butter and a little salt or dressed with a brush of mayo and top with cojita cheese! Oh, and you can top it with a little bit of freshly cut cilantro.  

A classic summer staple, grilled corn!

Veggie or Fruit Skewers: There are another fun way to serve appetizers, I am fan of loading up skewers with fresh fruit or veggies and whoever would like there’s grilled, great, if not, still to the basics. You could brush a yummy balsamic glaze on the veggies or serve it on the side for your guests. 

Grilled Pineapple: Slice, grill and enjoy! This one is so simple and so yummy to enjoy, especially during cookouts! You could even chop the grilled pineapple and mix with minced intro and jalapeños for a smokey, sweet, spicy topping for your summer dogs and burgers! 

Grilled Nachos: I bet you didn’t think you could grill nachos, well you can! In a cast iron, load your nachos with all your favorite toppings, and serve freshly melted oozing with cheesy goodness!

Make a homemade rub in minutes!

Wings: Who doesn’t love off the grill wings! Create your own dressing to brush on the wings like a bbq or hot sauce. You can even create a glaze for your wings with a few simple ingredients from your pantry!

No matter what food items you decide to serve at your next cookout, I am sure your guests will enjoy it and the festivities! Do you have a food suggestion you’d like to share? Share your family cookout favorites on Facebook and Instagram!

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