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April Party Ideas, Host An Earth Day Celebration!

April Party Ideas, Host An Earth Day Celebration!

Here are a few reasons why I love the month of April, it’s FIRST family holiday after Christmas is Easter! I always get so excited seeing families come together over a meal, dressed up in the most colorful attire and decorations coated in bright pastel colors!

The SECOND is that Spring serves as a reminder of the new season. We can shed the beginning of the year and the cold winter, leaving that behind us. From now on, days are filled with sunshine and the smell of flowers growing and BBQing!

The THIRD is all the possible backyard parties we can have! With the weather slowly warming up, you can host a small get-together in your backyard! I love hosting Popsicle parties or donut parties and pairing them with a scavenger hunt or activity kits!

A neat idea is hosting an Earth Day celebration! You can have little planting stations where the children can plant their desired flower or herb. You could even plant a small tree in your backyard and then celebrate by firing up the grill!

Here are some other party ideas to try this April that can be hosted outdoors in the comfort of your backyard this weekend:

Earth day party: They all can plant a new herb, veggie, or flower in honor of Earth Day!

Ice cream party: Create the ultimate ice cream bowl!

Tie dye party: Design their very own tie-dye shirt!

Do you have any other fun April Party ideas? Please share with us by commenting on Facebook or Instagram!

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