Gearing Up For The Fourth Of July

Gearing Up For The Fourth Of July

The 4th of July to me means fireworks, outdoor parties with music, and food on the grill with time spent with loved ones. With the littles out of school, and the summer schedule in full effect, this is a weekend many tend to look forward to between family time, meals and sales!

With that in mind, there’s a lot of planning to have things go as smoothly as possible so everyone (including yourself) can enjoy the most of the July 4th Weekend. It can quickly become challenging to navigate summer and work schedules with party planning, but the job gets done!

Since you’ll more than likely be spending the day with your kids outside (weather permitting), having entertainment options for both indoor and outdoor is key for a successful July fourth celebration.

Whether you are spending the holiday weekend in your backyard, the beach, a lake, or at a local park, classic outdoor games like cornhole, frisbee, ladder ball, and horseshoes are always a win! These great outdoor options to keep all the kids entertained while working on team-building skills.

Another vital party planning element has some yummy (and healthy) snacks and foods to help keep the children (and, dare I say, adults) fueled up for the full-filled day ahead.

Serve different veggies and dips (I love serving salsa, hummus, and Greek yogurt dip with colorful veggie spread), different types of crackers with cheeses and maybe some jams, and lastly, a fruit plate! Check out a blog post sharing other ideas for yummy appetizers for this holiday weekend, here.

You can never go wrong with these simple starters for any party. A fun idea for appetizers during the Fourth of July would be serving star-shaped foods and could serve as a fun activity for the kids pre-party. These are great starting point options, and you can serve as the “main meal” of the classic backyard standards or hot dogs, burgers, and even some grilled wings!

With food off the list of the things to consider, let’s not forget another important element, staying hydrated. Be sure there is plenty of drink choices from water, sports drinks, and soda. The only other thing you may consider has disposable cutlery and cups for a super simple clean-up!

Let’s talk about decorating! The Fourth of July is a fun holiday to decorate for parties, and with stars, stripes, and bold colors, you can get creative with fun banners, balloons, signs, and streamers. Just throwing it out there, the 2021 July Fourth Party in a Box Kit (or even the Summer Party in a Box could be used as well!) would be super helpful in decoration and setting up!

While the holidays can become a little worrisome and stressful, remember to make this Fourth of July memorable for you and your loved ones! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Happy Fourth of July!

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