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Today is my Birthday! Here is to another year around the sun and a year of sharing more kits with you and your family.

I think it’s important to embrace the number increasing by one. Birthdays (in my opinion) serve as a reminder to live, live happily, live lovingly, and live freely. Whenever my birthday rolls around, this quote by William Barclay pops up, “There are two great days in a person’s life—the day we are born, and the day we discover why.”

This saying resonated with me today because through Crafty Holiday Helper, I aim to share the importance of creating new memories with our loved ones, especially with the children in our lives.

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m excited to share a kit I’ve wanted to bring to life for quite some time, a Birthday Kit!

I am currently brainstorming through ideas, materials, as well as designing activities! I am beginning to curate the birthday kits on a smaller scale and look forward to your feedback and thoughts! Be sure to stay tuned for my updates on this upcoming kit on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, newsletter (located at bottom of the homepage) and right here on the blog!

Ok, now I am going to return to celebrating birthday fun with the family. We plan on celebrating and being our silly selves. I just wanted to share this exciting update with all of you! So stay tuned!  

Thank you for all the birthday wishes!

Stay Crafty,

The weekend has arrived, and I am looking forward to finalizing the designs for the upcoming kits! As the excitement grows and concepts come to completion, I reflect on one of my favorite kits of the year so far, The Valentine’s Day Kit (preorder for 2022 is now available)!

I love all things love, and this kit was certainly one of my favorites to put together. The reds, the pinks, and all the candy! When it came down to decorating, one of my favorite elements that stood out the most for me was the LOVE Balloon!

Don’t get me wrong, I love glitter and cute heart-shaped anything, but seeing that word in its adorable font hanging on the wall with my children sitting underneath, made me smile.

I look for that one element in each seasonal kit that brings everything together perfectly. Honestly, I haven’t decided, but those cute elements can be anything from beach balls or maybe even flamingos! I can’t decide, but stay tuned to find out because the new kits will be released soon on the website, Facebook, Instagram and of course, the blog.

Stay Crafty,


Can you believe Christmas is less than six months away? The PRE-SALE for the ever-popular Christmas Elf Kit is back to create magic for your kids every day of the Christmas Season with no effort at all!

Surprise your little ones with a special gift to bring all the extra magic this Christmas before they sell out like last year. Very soon, I’ll post on social media the release news on this upcoming kit!
Oh, and this year only, the first 150 orders will receive a FREE ELF DOOR! (Yes, you heard that correct, an actual wooden Elf door that opens, has a doorknob and a knocker!) Now you have an actual answer for when your children ask how our elf reports back to Santa each night? It comes with removable foam adhesive for the back panels and can be stuck anywhere for the duration of the Christmas Elf season.

Don’t miss out on this amazing FREE GIFT with a pre-order of the Elf kit. See photos below for Elf door. * Second photo to give you a size reference.

The Magic Elf Door

The kit includes everything you need to have the most magical twenty-seven days of the Christmas Elf Season! An arrival letter, magical glove, an Elf travel container, and more. 

Each scene is individually packaged for a simple setup right after the little ones are asleep. Setting up only takes a few minutes packaged in unmarked boxes for easy and secret storage!

Teachers, do you have a hard time getting your students to pay attention during the Christmas Season? A Classroom Christmas Elf Kit was added this year. With the help of this kit, you can create magical memories for your students and maybe get them to listen to this Christmas. The scenes are geared towards the classroom and school activities for your child’s teacher to incorporate with their lessons and also have some silly fun! Purchase your Classroom Christmas Elf Kit which are available to ship anywhere in the United States! Please note that this kit does NOT include the actual Christmas Elf. The Christmas elf will need to be purchased separately!

Stay crafty,



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