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There’s no better time of year than the fall! Chilly air, cozy flannels, pumpkin spice…everything, and, of course, Halloween! Whether you’re planning a full-blown Halloween party complete with games, food, and decorations or just want to have some Halloween fun with your kids, Crafty Holiday Helper has over 10 of the best Halloween party ideas right here!

So, if you want to make October 31st the absolute best this year, blast some of the most popular Halloween songs, have everyone indulge in their favorite festive candies, and dive into these Halloween party ideas below! 

Easy, DIY Halloween Games 

Below are some of the best Halloween games around: minus the spookiness!  The best part about these games? You can TOTALLY DIY all of these games at home. Some are easy and great for solo players, while others require splitting groups into teams of two, four, or more. Plus, they’re great for keeping everyone engaged—especially when it comes to boosting their imagination and creativity.  From a pumpkin ring toss to a fun scavenger hunt, these Halloween games are perfect for all ages. 

Pumpkin Ring Toss:

Image Credit: Kid Friendly Things To Do

Grab some pumpkins with long stems, add glow sticks and black poster board (if you don’t want them on the grass), and you’ve got yourself a seasonal, DIY ring toss game! Color the pumpkins with glow-in-the-dark paint and you can even play it at night! Either way, this pumpkin ring toss game is easy to set up and perfect for ALL ages–win-win!

A Not-So-Spooky Halloween Scavenger Hunt: 

Crafty Holiday Helper’s adorable scavenger hunt is the perfect way to get some of that Halloween energy out! Comes complete with sweet treats along with other amazing Halloween decorations in the kit! 

Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe:

This game is so simple to set up and a blast to play!  Draw X’s and O’s on your little pumpkins and create a tic-tac-toe board on a table with tape or use chalkboard paint on a board or driveway! 

Image Credit: Crafts By Amanda

Halloween Candy Bingo!

This blogger came up with a bingo game using spooky bingo tiles. Cover the designs with M&M’s then eat them later as a treat.

Easy DIY Halloween Decor: 

Skip the chaos of driving from store to store to find fun, adorable Halloween decorations! Crafty Holiday Helper’s Halloween Party in a Box has the best Halloween decorations to make your Halloween party a complete smash! 

Here’s a quick peak of what’s included in this Halloween Party in a Box: 

3 Adorable Halloween party balloons! 

Fun Halloween activities for your kids, including coloring pages and a scavenger hunt pack, complete with treats! 

Complete table settings with a ghost centerpiece, spider-web placemats,  paper plates, napkins, cups, and adorable Halloween-themed straws! 

Toss in some of your favorite Halloween foods and your party is ready to go! 

Spooktacular Crafts: 

What better way to get a party moving than with adorable Halloween crafts? Whether you use these adorable ideas at your next Halloween party or as fun activities to count down the days to Halloween, your kids will have fun creating these Halloween crafts and your house will certainly be decorated! 

Image Credit: Teach Beside Me

Glue and Salt Spider Web Craft 

Intertwining Halloween-inspired books as a read-aloud at your Halloween Party with craft activities is a great way to inspire learning while having fun! This creative spider web craft was inspired by Eric Carle’s “The Busy Little Spider Book” from Teach Beside Me. 

Halloween Pumpkin Slime: 

What’s Halloween without a little slime? You can mix a large batch of one color or make them all! Kids will love getting these adorable Halloween jars! Make them ahead of time or as part of the craft! Either way, this fun activity from The Best Ideas for Kids, is sure to keep those little hands busy at your next Halloween bash! 

Halloween Coloring Pages:

Part of making holidays simple, are the activities included in every Crafty Holiday Helper Kit and our Halloween Party in a Box is no exception. These adorable Halloween coloring pages come with crayons and are sure to be a favorite activity at your next Halloween Party: whether it’s at home or in the classroom! 

Image Credit: Simple Everyday Mom

Handprint Bat Craft

This adorable Halloween craft is a great way to celebrate the season combined with an adorable keepsake. Make this craft to give as a gift for family or friends and watch these bat’s wings grow through the years with your children! Simple and fun to make, you’ll treasure this fun Halloween craft as the seasons pass by. 

Foam Halloween Spider Craft

These adorable and not-so-spooky foam spiders are perfect party crafts and make fun decorations for Halloween. The craft is simple enough for even the smallest of ghosts to create at your Halloween bash. You can grab black foam balls at your local craft store or simply paint them ahead of time!

Halloween Recipes: 

Go ahead and mix in some healthy with the sweet. Easy to make with simple ingredients, serve these Halloween recipes up as delicious choices at your next party or when you’re short on time! Either way, these delightful Halloween recipes are certain to scare up some appetites!

Halloween Spider Taco Dip

Photo Credit: The Tipsy Housewife

This awesome Halloween recipe can be done exactly as shown here or you can add your own spin on it (for the more choosey eaters in your house!). Layer up the cheese, sour cream, your favorite chicken or other meat, and make it your own!

Jack-O-Lantern Cheese Quesadillas 

Cheesy and completely adorable, you can fill these quesadillas with your child’s favorite veggies or serve them with a side of ghostly bananas. (below)

Ghost Bananas 

Image Credit: Well Plated

These spooky treats are a perfect combo of Halloween fun and keeping things on the healthier side! Create this tasty treat as a fun afternoon snack or for your next Halloween party.  Click right here to check out how to make these ghostly bananas. 

Reeses Spider Cookie 

Image Credit: Mommy Musings

This spooky take on a classic cookie makes an adorable afternoon or party treat! Easy and fun to make, this takes a classic peanut butter cookie recipe and makes them an adorable addition to your Halloween party. Top this cookie with a peanut butter cup, add eyes, and legs, and this Halloween recipe is done!

Putting the Mummy-Wrap on Halloween Parties:

Grab your Halloween Party in a Box at Crafty Holiday Helper

Halloween parties are a fun seasonal way to get friends and family together. Whether you’re planning a small get-together with your own family or you’re inviting the whole neighborhood, Crafty Holiday Helper is here to make party planning (and execution) a complete breeze! 

Get a jump on your Halloween decorating with our Halloween Party in a Box, throw in a few of these games and recipes and consider your party wrapped up!

Looking for other ways to simplify the Holidays?
Did your Christmas Elf forget to move around last year? We get it and we have you covered. 
Enter: the Crafty Holiday Helper’s Elf Kit. Our kit is filled with 27 days of props, letters from the Christmas Elf and so much more. Your kids will love the creativity and magic, you’ll love the simplicity.

Order your Christmas Elf Kit here.

Ah, Christmas! The holiday season is a time for cocoa, candy canes, and traditionally, a splash of craziness. As parents or caregivers of little ones, the Christmas season is a time for creating those magical holiday memories your kids will cherish well into adulthood. 

It doesn’t go without saying, however, that these memories often come at the hand of sleepless nights, withering wallets, and stress-induced shopping. 

Thankfully, here at Crafty Holiday Helper, we’ve found (and created) the best ways to make those Christmas memories magical…minus the madness. 

Must-Do Christmas Crafts & Holiday Activities Everyone Will Love:

Below we’ve found some amazingly simple, yet adorable, hands-on holiday activities that are certain to cut down on the Christmas craze this year. These tried and true Christmas crafts and ideas are the perfect way to ensure that you sit back, relax and have fun with your kids this holiday season! 

Make Snowman Spoons:

Christmas crafts Chocolate Snowmen spoons
Photo Credit Woman’s Day

These delightfully delicious spoons are adorable and fun to make! Certain to warm up those little fingers on chilly days!

Create your very own Christmas Bucket List for the entire family!

Christmas Bucket List
Photo Credit: The Best Ideas for Kids

Family members of all ages can join in on the fun by selecting an activity on this list or by adding in one of their own. Place this list of favorite activities up on the fridge for a season filled with fun recommendations from everyone.

Build an Edible Snowman!

This adorable, simple activity uses marshmallows, chocolate chips and a few other kid-approved ingredients to let your kids make their own snowmen! 

Fingerprint Christmas Lights

Photo Credit: Crafty Morning

You only need paints and paper to create this adorable Christmas craft! Simple and fun, this craft is one that you’ll always cherish! 

Grab this adorable Christmas Elf Door! 

Perfectly simple Christmas decorating is what Crafty Holiday Helper is all about! Answer the question of how your elf travels back and forth from the North Pole each night with this adorable elf door! Place the door by the fireplace and set the stage for your elf to travel to and from your home to spread Christmas magic! 

Christmas Ornament Craft for kids
Photo Credit: Crafty Morning

Create a Marshmallow Sheep Ornament

This adorable idea from Crafty Morning is the perfect way to combine crafting with a favorite sweet treat. Perfect for small hands and fine motor skills, this adorable sheep ornament is super fun to make! 

Create Your Own Snow Globe!

Image Credit: The Krazy Koupon Lady

The Dollar Store is one of our favorite spots for craft supplies: especially for Christmas DIY projects! Just check out this awesome DIY snow globe holiday craft that’s made with inexpensive items! It’s sure to be one of those favorite holiday crafts you can do year after year! Simply grab these items:

Create several of these with your kids to use as holiday home decor or DIY these snow globes as gorgeous homemade Christmas gifts to friends and family! For all the info on how to create these awesome DIY Christmas snow globes, check it all out right here.

EASY DIY Paper Straw Christmas Tree Craft

Christmas Craft for Kids Paper Straw Ornament
Photo Credit: Crafts by Courtney | Simple As That

Create an earth-friendly biodegradable Christmas decoration with your kids this holiday season! These colorful Christmas trees made from paper straws from Crafts by Courtney are the perfect holiday craft for kids! Prop these colorful paper straw Christmas tree decorations in your windows and doorways to display a truly decorative scene created by your kids this holiday season!

Christmas Reindeer Craft
Photo Credit: Happy Hooligans

Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer

Oh, deer! This reindeer craft is so cute and super easy! Grab toilet paper rolls or even paper towel rolls, paint, and a couple of craft supplies to make this simple craft your kids will love. 

Creating magical holiday memories and traditions that you’ll enjoy with your family for years to come is what Crafty Holiday Helper is all about. 

Get a Jump on your Christmas Elf Decorating

Skip the craziness of the holiday season with the only essential Christmas Elf Kit you’ll need.

Crafty Holiday Helper’s elf kit is an essential part of creating the perfect Christmas decorations for your kids with zero effort!

Featuring 27 high-quality, adorable props your kids will love, our Christmas Elf Kit is the best way to get a jumpstart on making memories that will last a lifetime without sacrificing sanity. 

Below we uncover how easy it is to use our Elf Kit, what’s included in this year’s indispensable collection and how to order yours before the season starts and we sell out! 

Why The Christmas Elf Kit? 

At Crafty Holiday Helper,  we’re passionate about helping you to make lifelong magical memories for your loved ones. Our popular Christmas Elf Kit is one of the many ways we simplify the season by helping you to bring holiday magic into your home!

With 27 delightfully funny, adorable, scenes, cards, and more for your elf,  the Crafty Holiday Helper Elf Kit has the days leading up to Christmas completely covered. 

Our elf kit easily helps you to:

Save Time: scenes are created and completed for you in one kit!

Create life-long memories

Kick back, avoid stress and enjoy more of the celebrating 

Make magic happen with thoughtful scenes, note cards, and more 

What’s Included in my Elf Kit?

Christmas Elf Ideas with your Crafty Holiday Helper Elf Kit: 

Get Your Christmas Elf Kit features elf decorations and props that are certain to surprise your kids leading up to the big day until Christmas Eve! Inside your kit you’ll find: 

An Official Arrival Letter! Yay! Your elf has arrived! Our kit includes two adorable letters: one for newly adopted elves and one for returning elves.

Magical Glove: avoid any chances of your elf losing its magic with this magical glove. Things happen and if your elf somehow falls over or gets kidnapped by the family pet, this magical glove is there to save the day and retrieve the elf without losing its magical power! 

Special Travel Container: Traveling this holiday season? Your elf has nothing to worry about! Portable, convenient & luxurious, you can safely take your elf anywhere this Christmas season. From busy airports to grandma’s house. (Also serves as PPE for visiting elves.)

27 Detailed Scenes: specially designed for endless fun and creativity the entire season through! Set up magical scenes with whimsical props this season. Every prop is of the highest quality so you can reuse them every season! 

Infraction Cards: Have you been naughty or nice? Each printed card is officially signed by your elf for extra authority. Having a stack of these cards available will bring you peace and joy.

Departure Letter: When your elf is ready to depart on Christmas Eve, have them leave behind a letter your children will collect for years to come.

Creating Christmas magic every day requires NO effort when using Crafty Holiday Helper’s Christmas Elf Kit! Forget the chaotic crafting and messy late-night stressful elf decorations. Simply open our Christmas Elf Kit each and every day and take out the adorable elf decorations such as: 

Elf Baseball Scene: Have baseball fans? This scene comes complete with bat, ball, and an adorable note card! 

Elf Connect Four Scene comes with an elf-size Connect Four and a note card from your elf.

Elf Pizza Scene: your elf has a “pizza” in his heart for your kids! 

Elf Bicycle Scene: Do your kids love to ride bikes? So does your Elf with this scene! Comes with a bike and a note card from your elf! 

Plus so many more elf scenes to fill your kids’ Christmas countdown days with magic and fun!

27 adorable props for creating magical memories!

How Does the Christmas Elf Kit Work? 

Sit back, relax and watch the magic unfold! Our Elf Kit makes Christmas traditions an absolute breeze. Our quality and thoughtfully designed cards and elf decorations will have your kids excited to greet their elf every single day. What’s even better, is that it takes seconds to choose your scene and place it with your Christmas Elf!  

Here’s how the magic all comes together: 

Order your Christmas Elf Kit: place your order no later than November 16th so it arrives in time. Then keep it hidden until it’s Thanksgiving night!

Start the Adventure: On Thanksgiving night place your Christmas Elf and the included arrival letter in a place your family will be sure to find them. Then the magical fun begins! 

Enjoy the Elf Antics! Create silly adventures for your elf using the elf decorations and scenes kit each day leading up to the big day! Surprise your kids every morning with our detailed, funny props for your kids! 

Memories that will last for years and years to come:  Christmas Eve will come and your elf will need to say goodbye. Your elf will leave behind an adorable departure letter and memories for you and your family!

Creating magical holiday memories and Christmas traditions that you can enjoy as much as your family is what Crafty Holiday Helper is all about. Order your Christmas Elf Kit and create the perfect holiday magic for your family this Christmas season! 

Discover why our Christmas Elf Kit is one of our most popular kits each year. Be sure to order yours before they sell out! 

Looking for more amazingly simple ways to create memories with your kids? From back-to-school celebrations to birthday parties and fall fun, Crafty Holiday Helper has it all. Check out these posts for more incredible ideas: 

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The 4th of July to me means fireworks, outdoor parties with music, and food on the grill with time spent with loved ones. With the littles out of school, and the summer schedule in full effect, this is a weekend many tend to look forward to between family time, meals and sales!

With that in mind, there’s a lot of planning to have things go as smoothly as possible so everyone (including yourself) can enjoy the most of the July 4th Weekend. It can quickly become challenging to navigate summer and work schedules with party planning, but the job gets done!

The ULTIMATE Fourth of July setup!

Since you’ll more than likely be spending the day with your kids outside (weather permitting), having entertainment options for both indoor and outdoor is key for a successful July fourth celebration.

Whether you are spending the holiday weekend in your backyard, the beach, a lake, or at a local park, classic outdoor games like cornhole, frisbee, ladder ball, and horseshoes are always a win! These great outdoor options to keep all the kids entertained while working on team-building skills.

Another vital party planning element has some yummy (and healthy) snacks and foods to help keep the children (and, dare I say, adults) fueled up for the full-filled day ahead.

Serve different veggies and dips (I love serving salsa, hummus, and Greek yogurt dip with colorful veggie spread), different types of crackers with cheeses and maybe some jams, and lastly, a fruit plate! Check out a blog post sharing other ideas for yummy appetizers for this holiday weekend, here.

You can never go wrong with these simple starters for any party. A fun idea for appetizers during the Fourth of July would be serving star-shaped foods and could serve as a fun activity for the kids pre-party. These are great starting point options, and you can serve as the “main meal” of the classic backyard standards or hot dogs, burgers, and even some grilled wings!

With food off the list of the things to consider, let’s not forget another important element, staying hydrated. Be sure there is plenty of drink choices from water, sports drinks, and soda. The only other thing you may consider has disposable cutlery and cups for a super simple clean-up!

Let’s talk about decorating! The Fourth of July is a fun holiday to decorate for parties, and with stars, stripes, and bold colors, you can get creative with fun banners, balloons, signs, and streamers. Just throwing it out there, the 2021 July Fourth Party in a Box Kit (or even the Summer Party in a Box could be used as well!) would be super helpful in decoration and setting up!

While the holidays can become a little worrisome and stressful, remember to make this Fourth of July memorable for you and your loved ones! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Happy Fourth of July!

Stay crafty,



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