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THE 2021
Christmas Elf Kit

THE 2021
Christmas Elf Kit

Start a tradition with your family during the holidays!  Your Christmas Elf Kit includes 27 days worth of creative, hilarious scenes your kids will wake up to each morning.  All of the work has been done for you with easy to follow instructions.  Just open the box and let the magic begin!
27 jolly days watching your kids discover these intricate, creative scenes each morning.
Crafted with love for you and your family.
High-quality materials ensures you'll be reusing these scenes for years to come.
Elf not included - only adventures.
Only $109
Order the Magic!
* Ships from workshop on 9/20/21





What's Included?

Arrival Letter

Surprise! The elf is in the house!
Announce the arrival of your elf with an adorable letter. Kit includes two letters: one for newly adopted elves and one for returning elves.

Magical Glove

So your elf doesn’t lose its magic.
If your elf falls over or gets kidnapped by the family pet, the glove can be used to retrieve the elf without losing it’s magical power.

Travel Container

Portable, convenient & luxurious.
Safely take your elf anywhere this Christmas season. From busy airports to grandma’s house. (Also serves as PPE for visiting elves.)

Detailed Scenes

For endless fun and creativity.
Setup magical scenes with whimsical props this season. Every prop is of the highest quality so you can reuse them every season!

Infraction Cards

Naughty or Nice?
Each card is officially signed by your elf for extra authority. Have a stack of these cards available will bring you peace and joy.

Departure Letter

Special goodbye moment.
When your elf is ready to depart on Christmas Eve, have them leave behind a letter your children will collect for years to come.
Only $109
Order the Magic!
* Ships from workshop on 9/20/21

27 Days of High-quality & creative SCENES for your Christmas Elf to wander into.

I’m Jaime and I am so glad you found Crafty Holiday Helper! It’s my passion to assist you in creating lifelong magical memories for your loved ones. With three young children of my own, I know how busy life can get. It is my goal to make it easy for you to bring holiday and special occasion magic into your home all year long!!

Here's How it Works

Here's How it Works


Order Your Kit

Place your order no later than November 16th so your kit arrives in time. Then keep it hidden until it’s time!


Start Your Adventure

On Thanksgiving night place your Christmas Elf and the included arrival letter in a place your family will find them. Then the fun begins!


Enjoy Your Elf’s Antics

Have fun using the contents of the kit to create silly adventures for your elf that will surprise your family every morning!


Save Your Memories

On Christmas Eve, your elf will say goodbye, leaving behind a departure letter and magical memories for you and your family.
Only $109
Order the Magic!
* Ships from workshop on 9/20/21

Sarah Donnel

Santa Monica, CA
My kids absolutely love looking for our Christmas Elf each morning during the holidays, but after the first couple of weeks, I am totally out of ideas and energy for it. I am so glad I found The Christmas Elf Kit! It made it so easy!

There was a plan for every single day, and I was able to enjoy the kids’ excitement rather than worrying about what I was going to do for our elf’s next adventure.

Blair Vinson

Charlotte, NC
I’m pretty creative, but I couldn’t handle placing one more Amazon order for teeny props for our Christmas Elf. Everything we needed was included in the Christmas Elf Kit. It was a lifesaver. I love all of the ideas.

We use some of them right from the kit and some we customize to our family. The Christmas Elf has become one of our favorite traditions, and this made it so easy.


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