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September 20, 2022

10+ Best Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

There’s no better time of year than the fall! Chilly air, pumpkins, and, of course, Halloween! Whether you’re planning a full-blown Halloween party complete with games, food, and decorations or just want to have some Halloween fun with your kids, Crafty Holiday Helper has over 10 of the best Halloween party ideas right here!

So, if you want to make October 31st the absolute best this year, blast some of the most popular Halloween songs, have everyone indulge in their favorite festive candies, and dive into these Halloween party ideas below! 

Easy, DIY Halloween Games 

Below are some of the best Halloween games around: minus the spookiness!  The best part about these games? You can TOTALLY DIY all of these games at home. Some are easy and great for solo players, while others require splitting groups into teams of two, four, or more.

Plus, they’re great for keeping everyone engaged—especially when it comes to boosting their imagination and creativity.  From pumpkin ring toss to a fun scavenger hunt, these Halloween games are perfect for all ages. 

Pumpkin Ring Toss: 

Take pumpkins with long stems and glow sticks and you’ve got yourself a seasonal, DIY ring toss game. Color the pumpkins with glow-in-the-dark paint and you can even play it at night!

A Not-So-Spooky Halloween Scavenger Hunt: 

Crafty Holiday Helper’s adorable scavenger hunt is the perfect way to get some of that Halloween energy out! Comes complete with sweet treats along with other amazing Halloween decorations in the kit! 

Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe:

This game is so simple to set up and a blast to play!  Draw X’s and O’s on your little pumpkins and create a tic-tac-toe board on a table with tape or use chalkboard paint on a board or driveway! 

Image Credit: Crafts By Amanda

Halloween Candy Bingo!

This blogger came up with a bingo game using spooky bingo tiles. Cover the designs with M&M’s then eat them later as a treat.

Easy DIY Halloween Decor: 

Skip the chaos of driving from store to store to find fun, adorable Halloween decorations! Crafty Holiday Helper’s Halloween Party in a Box has the best Halloween decorations to make your Halloween party a complete smash! 

Here’s a quick peak of what’s included in this Halloween Party in a Box: 

3 Adorable Halloween party balloons! 

Fun Halloween activities for your kids, including coloring pages and a scavenger hunt pack, complete with treats! 

Complete table settings with ghost centerpiece, spider-web placemats,  paper plates, napkins, cups and adorable Halloween-themed straws! 

Toss in some of your favorite Halloween foods and your party is ready to go! 

Spooktacular Crafts: 

What better way to get a party moving than with adorable Halloween crafts? Whether you use these adorable ideas at your next Halloween party or as fun activities to count down the days to Halloween, your kids will have fun creating these Halloween crafts and your house will certainly be decorated! 

Glue and Salt Spider Web Craft 

Intertwining Halloween-inspired books as a read-aloud at your Halloween Party with craft activities is a great way to inspire learning while having fun! This creative spider web craft was inspired by Eric Carle’s “The Busy Little Spider Book” from Teach Beside Me. 

Halloween Pumpkin Slime: 

What’s Halloween without a little slime? You can mix a large batch of one color or make them all! Kids will love getting these adorable Halloween jars! Make them ahead of time or as part of the craft! Either way, this fun activity from The Best Ideas for Kids, is sure to keep those little hands busy at your next Halloween bash! 

Halloween Coloring Pages:

Part of making holidays simple, are the activities included in every Crafty Holiday Helper Kit and our Halloween Party in a Box is no exception. These adorable Halloween coloring pages come with crayons and are sure to be a favorite activity at your next Halloween Party: whether it’s at home or in the classroom! 

Image Credit: Simple Everyday Mom

Handprint Bat Craft

This adorable Halloween craft is a great way to celebrate the season combined with an adorable keepsake. Make this craft to give as a gift for family or friends and watch these bat’s wings grow through the years with your children! Simple and fun to make, you’ll treasure this fun Halloween craft as the seasons pass by. 

Foam Halloween Spider Craft

These adorable and not-so-spooky foam spiders are perfect party crafts and make fun decorations for Halloween. The craft is simple enough for even the smallest of ghosts to create at your Halloween bash. You can grab black foam balls at your local craft store or simply paint them ahead of time!

Halloween Recipes: 

Go ahead and mix in some healthy with the sweet. Easy to make with simple ingredients, serve these Halloween recipes up as delicious choices at your next party or when you’re short on time! Either way, these delightful Halloween recipes are certain to scare up some appetites!

Jack-O-Lantern Cheese Quesadillas 

Cheesy and completely adorable, you can fill these quesadillas with your child’s favorite veggies or serve them with a side of ghostly bananas. (below)

Ghost Bananas 

These spooky treats are a perfect combo of Halloween fun and keeping things on the healthier side! Create this tasty treat as a fun afternoon snack or for your next Halloween party.  Click right here to check out how to make these ghostly bananas. 

Reeses Spider Cookie 

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Image Credit: Cincy Shopper

This spooky take on a classic cookie makes an adorable afternoon or party treat! Create these before your party or along with your kiddos! 

Grab your Halloween Party in a Box at Crafty Holiday Helper

Putting the Mummy-Wrap on Halloween Parties: 

Halloween parties are a fun seasonal way to get friends and family together and Crafty Holiday Helper is here to make party planning (and execution) a complete breeze! 

Order your Halloween Party in A Box and add in a few of these recipes plus games and your party is done! 

Looking for other ways to simplify the Holidays? We have you covered. 

Crafty Holiday Helper’s Elf Kit is here to help make your Elf visits easy and fun! 


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