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My Favorite Kit Of The Year (So Far)

My Favorite Kit Of The Year (So Far)

The weekend has arrived, and I am looking forward to finalizing the designs for the upcoming kits! As the excitement grows and concepts come to completion, I reflect on one of my favorite kits of the year so far, The Valentine’s Day Kit (preorder for 2022 is now available)!

I love all things love, and this kit was certainly one of my favorites to put together. The reds, the pinks, and all the candy! When it came down to decorating, one of my favorite elements that stood out the most for me was the LOVE Balloon!

Don’t get me wrong, I love glitter and cute heart-shaped anything, but seeing that word in its adorable font hanging on the wall with my children sitting underneath, made me smile.

I look for that one element in each seasonal kit that brings everything together perfectly. Honestly, I haven’t decided, but those cute elements can be anything from beach balls or maybe even flamingos! I can’t decide, but stay tuned to find out because the new kits will be released soon on the website, Facebook, Instagram and of course, the blog.

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