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Helpful Tips For An Epic Virtual Baby Shower

Helpful Tips For An Epic Virtual Baby Shower

Take your virtual baby shower to the next level in just a few simple steps! 

Hosting a baby shower is such a fun celebration! And, yet, planning one (especially when celebrating virtually) can be a little overwhelming. A virtual celebration is certainly different than in person – you can’t touch a mom’s belly and feel the baby kick. Still, here are a few steps to ensure a memorable experience. We’ve taken some of our favorite baby shower moments and replicated them to fit the online space to create the perfect memory for your mommy to be. 

Step 1: Checklist 

My Virtual Party Guide is the template I use when planning a virtual event that will prepare you for these next few steps, helping take your virtual baby shower to the next level, making mom feel extra special. I always encourage asking for help from another close friend or relative from the mom to cover more ground. Note all the steps in the virtual party guide still apply; however, we’ll go more in-depth on some steps with added tips to make the day memorable for the mommy-to-be. 

  • Step 1: What are we celebrating?
  • Step 2: Themes
  • Step 3: Date and Timing
  • Step 4: Virtual Location
  • Step 5: Invitations
  • Step 6: Activities
  • Step 7: Itinerary
  • Step 8: Have a co-host
  • Step 9: Reminders – Calendar
  • Step 10: Enjoy and have fun!

Step 2: Mommy Wishlist

Begin with a call to the mom-to-be to understand her wishlist, expectations and availability. Understanding her expectations will ensure the party will be a success, but some elements can also be left to a surprise. 

Must Ask Questions

  1. Guest list – names and emails
    1. It’s recommend breaking the party up into smaller groups to allow for a more intimate setting with groups that know each other. 
  2. Appearances
    1. Dad to come by near the end (assuming it’s a woman only party)
    2. Nursery showcase
  3. Preferred date & time 
  4. Gift Registry
    1. There are many online companies online that provide registries that will ship the products straight to the celebrant’s home and will even do the gift wrapping for you. Confirm where so it can be included in the invitation. 
  5. Open presents on camera or separate day
    1. Our suggestion is to open a separate day and to say a generalized thank you at the end of the call.

Step 3: Guest List

The best thing about hosting an online event is more people can participate in the fun as there are no limitations, only a phone and laptop/computer required. Now that you understand the mom-to-be’s expectations begin planning the guest list. 

I recommend, if possible, separating your party into smaller groups of 6-10 people, preferably with people who know each other. A smaller intimate group will allow for better flow regarding activities and a more intimate setting with mom. 

Step 4: Theme

Choose a theme. Yes – when it comes to baby showers, a theme is essential! This will come into play in steps 5 and 10. The theme should consist of a theme type and theme color – for example, animals and Blue. Helpful hint: Ask mom if she has a nursery theme and try to plan around the theme. 

Step 5: The Invitation

Send out invitations at least one month before the big event. Luckily, there are a few options online to help you and tons of websites with formal e-vites that can help you track guest lists and send reminders, etc. Alternatively, you can track them yourself in an excel sheet and send an email using a template from Canva. To tie everything together, don’t forget to include the theme. 

However, this is not just your ordinary invite. You’ll need to include two things not typically included in a regular virtual invite which will help set your party to the next level which are the registry details and the address of where the gifts should be sent to.

Step 6: Baby Shower Activities

Here are five easy virtual games to play at the shower. I recommend playing three games at the event. Note: Since the games take place virtually, many of the games will have to be on the honor system unless you have a smaller group and can have each person say their answer. We suggest having some prizes for the winners, such as a virtual gift card (reach out to the winner after ensuring the gift card can be used where they are located).

  • Game 1 – Guess the Age
    • Have your guest write down their guesses on how old the mommy or daddy is in each picture.
    • For tech savvy, this can be played on Kahoot; however, there is a limit of 10 participants on the free version. 
  • Game 2 – Mom or Dad
    • I like to leave this game last as it usually always opens up to conversation and banter. 
    • Share Screen: PowerPoint presentation or feel free to just read out loud.
    • Each participant should fold their paper in half and write Mom on one side and Dad on the other. Make sure you are on gallery view so everyone can be seen and all answers can be seen. 
    • 10 statements of who is more likely to do a certain task, be a certain way, etc.  Example: Change the diaper at midnight, take more pictures of the baby, be the fun parent, be the strict parent, etc.
  • Game 3 – The Price is Right
    • Good time to check on that registry and see if there are more items to be bought. Pick items from the registry and have people guess the price; whoever is closest gets the point without going over. 
  • Game 4 -Top 10 Baby Names of the Year Mom was Born
  • A little bit of goggling will need to be involved, but you can always find the top baby names, which is always fun.
  • A helpful hint is to think of your elementary school friends and what names were popular.
  • Game 5 – Name that Tune… Do Do DoHave two teams with one individual per team designated to be the “singer.”
  • In a private chat, send 10-12 songs varying from nursery rhymes to lullabies and songs with the word baby – like “Baby Got Back.” 
  • The singer will have 90 seconds to “sing” by only using the sound “do.”
  • Lastly, we have a BONUS game… for when dad comes; we had to have at least one fun to test out these parental skills for when the baby comes.
  • Game 6 – Diaper Stacking CompetitionHave mom and dad take ten diapers each and give them a minute whoever stacks the diapers the highest wins. 

Step 7: Itinerary

Have an itinerary and don’t feel the need to stick to it but use it as a guideline. Itineraries are great and can help keep things moving and on track but sometimes things change or another great idea sparks in the moment. This is key to hosting a virtual event as there are many variables and so we suggest keep an itinerary with length of time things should take and use this as a guide to keep the fun moving. 

Example Itinerary:

  • 5:00-5:15PM – Get settled (tech issues)
  • 5:15-5:30PM – Introductions if required and welcome
  • 5:30-6:00PM – First activity
  • 6:00-6:15PM – Second activity 
  • 6:15-6:30PM – Discussion – Have a back up list of topics related to being a newborn parent 
    • When is the baby due? And are you all set?
    • Home or hospital?
    • What does mom look forward to most after labour?
  • 6:30-7:00PM – Third Activity
  • 7:00PM-7:20 PM – Bring dad to the party or Nursery Tour
  • **If opening gifts on video – allocate some time at this point for gift opening – Helpful Tip:  designate someone to take notes on gifts and who they are from to help mom with sending thank you cards**
  • 7:20PM-7:30PM – Thank you for attending (from parents), picture of group, and wrap up party

Step 8: Reminders

You will want to send 1-2 reminder emails depending on the response rate. 

  • Email 1: The halfway point to remind people to send guestbook information and registration link.
  • Email 2: About five days before, reminding people of the event date and bringing a pen and paper for games, preferably a marker for easier visibility. Option if using zoom send backgrounds to attendees to use with theme colors with a title header on the top left or right (aka not in the middle where your face would be) saying it’s the mom-to-be’s baby shower.  

Step 9: It’s Party Time! Extras for Mom (morning of or day before)

Since we can’t be together, we like to do this as a nice extra personalized touch for the mom to be so she still gets some of the glitz and glam of an in-person baby shower. We like to shop locally and send a local meal to the parents to enjoy before the party. As well as an at-home baby shower box with the following items:

  • Snacks for the party
  • Nonalcoholic drinks for cheers
  • Streamers
  • Balloons
  • Pen and Paper with markers
  • And a sash that says mom to be (optional but always cute)

Step 10: Thank-you card and the Guestbook

Within a week of the event, send mom the guestbook, include pictures from the event. This can also be sent electronically; however, we like sending a good old fashion scrapbook keepsake. Mom to be to send out thank you cards to guests for attending within one week.  And, there you have it, my Crafty Holiday Helper’s ten steps to taking your virtual baby shower to the next level!

Please share any tips or tricks you’ve learn along the way in planning your virtual baby shower!

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