My Memorial Day Weekend Checklist!

My Memorial Day Weekend Checklist!

Summer grilling becomes a state of mind right before Memorial Day Weekend! With getting our home summer-ready (here’s what I do to summer-ize our home), this checklist helps me get holiday weekend ready!



Invitations: It’s up to you if you would like to have a large family gathering; we tend to keep things more intimate. So, check with your immediate family to see who would like to join you for some backyard fun with a summer menu.

Menu: What do you want to serve as the main course? What snacks and desserts will you serve? Be mindful to consider any allergies that a family member may have.  

The backyard is prepped for a celebration!


Backyard Ready: I like to ensure the outdoor furniture is cleaned and ready for company. Also, I like to make sure the backyard is ready for any outdoor activities or family games we may play.

Grill Prep: Clean and check if all the burners are working, if you have enough propane, and be sure you are stocked up on essential grilling supplies, including propane, charcoal, lighter fluid, etc.


Pantry cleanout: Where will all your groceries for the holiday weekend eats be stored? I usually take a day to clean out the fridge and pantry to ensure all the condiments, snacks, and dressings are not expired, and if so, I will add them to the shopping list.

Serve up all the summer favorite foods!

Refrigerator makeover: Before venturing to the market, ensure you have enough fridge space for all your nonperishable foods. I can’t tell you how many times I had to play refrigerator Tetris to try to make it all fit.

Decorations: I love summer decor, and adding some to a family BBQ adds a little something extra. Sometimes it’s fresh flowers as a centerpiece, a bright table cloth, or even some citronella candles (and it helps keep the bugs at bay!).

Clean up: I like to take a day before and tidy up of all the things around the house.

With all the planning done, gather and celebrate!


I like to wake up a little earlier on days where our family gathers for celebrations. Food prepping in advance allows me to be a better host while interacting with family and guests simultaneously.

There you have it, my simple checklist to planning our kickoff to summer! How do you prepare for family gatherings or summer BBQ’s? Please share with me on social (Instagram and/or Facebook) and don’t forget to use #CraftyHolidayHelper!

Stay crafty,


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