Add Summer Flair In A Few Simple Ways

Add Summer Flair In A Few Simple Ways

As we transition from Spring flowers in bloom to sunnier days, Summer is all about bright, saturated colors and scents that energize our senses for the new season.


Here are ways to add summer flair in just a few simple ways:
The new scents of summer!

Summer scents: There is nothing like lighting a candle for a few hours while the aromas of beach or coconut permeate throughout your home. I tend to enjoy more fruited candles during the summer as well; it redefines the existing space in combination with adding pops of color.

Decorative elements: I love adding colorful features around the house throughout the summer. I tend to replace winter decorative pieces with bright blues and reds for that extra oomph right as Spring arrives. I also tend to switch out any outdated seasonal cookbooks and stationary!  

Plants: One way I add a pop of color at home is through plants. The vibrant greens turn any space into an exotic paradise. During the Spring, one activity I enjoy with the children is planting new seeds, watching them grow throughout the summer. It’s an excellent light project for the children, and smelling the fresh herbs and flowers fills our home, not to mention purify the air.

Growing herbs is a simple and fun summer activity.

In addition to the Summer holidays, the sunshine provides an opportunity to be outdoors more with my family. Being physically active has always been important to me, and I believe it’s vital for a healthy lifestyle. The more sunny days there are in California, the more I want to be outdoors, challenging my body and mind while connecting with my family, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

While summer days can be packed with vacation getaways, long drives, and beach days, the excitement of all those adventures inspires me to make small tweaks to summer-ize our home!

How are you making your home Summer ready? Please share with me on Facebook, Instagram in the comments.

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