School’s Out For 2021, Summertime Fun Is In!

School’s Out For 2021, Summertime Fun Is In!

Let’s shell-abrate, it’s Summer and school’s out! How do you plan to make the most of sunny; summer fun? There are many activities and local destinations that can be turned into a fun celebration. And, one thing I like the current seasonal kit will bring a taste of summer to each party you create. 

Here are a few ways you can have fun with your Summer Kit:


Pack your favorite beach towels and beach blanket, a cooler filled with refreshing snacks and beverages. With your summer kit in hand, you can quickly go from sunbathing or searching for seashells to a fun-filled picnic right on the beach. The balloons included in the kit can serve as a marker for when the family needs to use the restrooms, and you can find your way back to your spot.

This happens every time!

Oh, and since beach buckets and pails are included, why not build a family sandcastle or see who makes a castle the fastest. Hit the waves after a picnic and toss around the personal-sized beach balls in a game or for fun. Just don’t forget to bring a trash bag! 


Celebrate in an open space, with the best part being a simple clean-up! Parks are an underrated celebration destination for children (and even adults!). Everyone has plenty of room to mingle and play games, especially with families who are still being cautious (rightfully so).

Bubbles are a staple when planning backyard or park celebrations.

The Sun Ballon and Summer Banner pops nicely outdoors and serve as a bright indicator of where the celebration is! Just be sure to pick a perfect location that is close to restrooms and picnic tables! Don’t forget to pack string and use to the banner are the trees and balloons weights. Another playful party idea is bringing an outdoor game, sidewalk chalk, and bubbles!


Who wouldn’t want to spend a cool summer night making s’mores? Because I do! Whether you’re hosting a backyard fire pit party or simply hanging out, unpack your kit and set up a table loaded with simple snacks and finger foods, buffet style. This will help keep everyone socializing by the fire or in the surrounding and pick and choose which foods they’d like to enjoy when they are ready. Oh, and don’t forget insect repellent candles for the dining table and alongside the bonfire. If you want to be extra fancy, use your Christmas lights for an added visual in the backyard! 

Fire up the grill because schools out, create a hot dog/burger toppings bar and serve up some refreshing homemade lemonade this MDW (Here’s my MDW checklist). I love summer and backyard BBQs because the foods you serve can be anything from watermelon, hot dogs, hamburgers, kabobs, and corn on the cobb. Load up your sun plates with all your BBQ foods and enjoy! Post BBQ eats, satisfy your sweet tooth with the lollipops included in your kit. After enjoying your family favorites, take a moment to plan the rest of your summer with the Summer Bucket List. 

A classic summer food for BBQ’s!

A last-minute beach day or park visit is always an adventure, and you can save yourself the trip for supplies with your handy dandy Summer Kit. Impress your littles (and/or friends!) with a memorable tablescape all in one box! 

How do you swing last-minute get-togethers? Are you the planner mom with extra sets for impromptu gatherings? Or are you the go with the flow mom and wing it while hoping for the best? Be sure to share with me on Facebook

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